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Back Handspring Clinic

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These classes are perfect for cheerleaders, dancers or gymnasts who want to improve their tumbling skills, especially back hand springs and flips. All classes include use of the spring floor, rod floor, incline mats, trampolines, tumble trac, and foam pits.

Level 1

(60 minutes) Beginning Tumbling
For tumblers that do not have their back walkover. These are grade specific classes that are an introduction to basic tumbling skills. 60- minute class

Level 2

(90 Minutes) Intermediate Tumbling/Back Handspring Clinic
Must be able to do a back walkover by themselves and have an interest in developing their back handspring as well as more advanced tumbling skills. 90-minute class

Level 3

(90 Minutes) Advanced Tumblers
Must have their round off backhand spring and a standing back handspring. This is for students who are looking to take their tumbling skills to the next level in learning tucks, layouts, and fulls etc.